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In the teeth whitening procedure the teeth is cleaned and lightened using laser light treatment and it also removes stains and discoloration, improving the overall beauty of the smile in a cosmetic way. Teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is among the most popular and affordable cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. Most dentists perform this affordable, laser light treatment to make the tooth white for sparkling smile enhancement.

Other dental problems can affect the success of cosmetic laser whitening. For example, cavities need to be treated by non surgery/surgery before teeth are lightened and whitened. That's because the tooth whitening solution can pass through decayed areas of the cavities and reach the inner parts of the tooth. If your gums have receded, the exposed roots of your teeth may appear yellow or discolored and whiteners will not make them whiter. Gum protection treatment needs to be done in such cases.

Next, the dentist will do scaling and polishing to clean your teeth. This will remove the film of bacteria, food and other substances that build up on your teeth and contribute to the staining. Once the cleaning process of scaling and polishing is done, the teeth whitening procedure begins.

How It's Done?

Office Bleaching In-office teeth cleaning and teeth whitening allows your professional dentist to use a more powerful dental whitener gel for your sparkling smile enhancement. A specialized light or laser activates the gel and allows teeth bleaching to happen faster. In-office the dentistry procedures of scaling, polishing and teeth bleaching usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. You will need one to three appointments depending on your oral status. The number of visits will depend on how severe your stains and discoloration are and how white you want your teeth to be as a result of this surgery. Different types of stains and discoloration respond differently to the whitener and treatment. In this dentistry procedure your dentist will firstly apply a substance that covers and protects the gums around the teeth. Then, the whitener agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, will be placed on the teeth. Some whitening gels are activated by a laser light, special lights or by the heat from these lights. After the teeth bleaching gel is applied, the dentist will shine the light on your teeth. If your teeth are badly discolored, your dentist may suggest that you continue the tooth bleaching process at the clinic for a few days or weeks. Tooth whitening toothpastes are available as well in Mumbai and other major cities in India to clean and whiten the teeth. They contain abrasives that conduct tooth bleaching removing stains on the enamel. They do not actually change the overall color of your teeth.

If you find that your gums are white or sore, follow up with your professional dentist at his clinic. The stains will come back if you smoke or consume a lot of staining foods or drinks. In such cases you may see the whiteness start to fade in as little as one month. If you avoid these sources of staining, you and your near and dear ones will enjoy your sparkling smile for 12 to 18 months with the same cost. Our Clinic offers professional services for laser whitening and teeth whitening in Mumbai, India, at an affordable cost to help you get that sparkling smile.
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