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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the prevention and correction of dental and facial irregularities. The dentist who specializes in applying dental braces is known as an Orthodontist. We have a panel of best orthodontist at our clinic at Mumbai.

In simple terms his job is to properly position the tooth, and if necessary the jaw bones so as to achieve maximum esthetic and functional efficiency. Dental braces is the best dental treatment to correct the crowded or crooked teeth.

The common problems, which require an orthodontist, are protruding anterior teeth, Malocclusion(technical term for crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, which do not fit together properly) crowding of teeth, too much space between teeth, extra or missing teeth, cleft palate and a variety of irregularities of the jaws and face can be corrected using orthodontic treatment.

Crooked and crowded teeth are hard to clean and maintain, and hence are prime sources for accumulation of harmful bacteria. This may contribute to conditions that cause not only tooth decay but eventually gum disease and tooth loss. Orthodontic problems reduce the functional efficiency while chewing and can also lead to problems with the mouth joint. There is a myth that teeth can be straighten without braces but you can correct teeth using braces on the teeth only. After completing your treatment you can see your images of teeth before and after braces. We provide best and most affordable braces in Mumbai.

To prevent the above-mentioned consequences it is always advisable to let the child or kids have fixed orthodontic screening before the age of 7.Correct teeth alignment can give you better smile and improve your confidence also. Orthodontic dental treatment can correct teeth gap or position. The ideal age to commence orthodontic treatment is between 11-14yrs, although treatment can be started at any age. A braces treatment is useful of kids as well as for adults. All adults can use invisible or lingual braces which are most common for these kind of people. Human bone responds best to tooth movement before the age of 18, and consequently orthodontic work is usually more beneficial to a child than an adult. Ceramic, metal & invisible braces are offered at best prices at our dental clinic at Mumbai.

Ceramic Orthodontic Braces:

Ceramic Orthodontic BracesCeramic brackets are fixed and translucent, so they blend in with your natural tooth color. This means that unlike traditional stainless metal braces, ceramic braces won't make your smile look "metallic".
Lingual or invisible Orthodontic Braces:

LingualLingual braces are placed behind your teeth, and are therefore clearly invisible to other people. Usually, lingual brackets are made of metal. The obvious benefit of this type of treatment is that no one will know that you are wearing lingual braces unless they look inside your mouth!
Metal Orthodontic Braces:

Metal Orthodontic Braces Metal-wired braces are stainless steel, sometimes in combination with titanium, and are the most widely used. These include conventional braces, which require ties to hold the arch wire in place, and newer self-tying brackets. Self-ligating brackets may reduce friction between the wire and the slot of the bracket, which in turn might be of therapeutic benefit.

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